No, I don't think so...

I consider myself a Lifestyle & documentary photographer, that is, I am documenting the world around me. I am showing the realities of Motherhood, birth, and beyond. I may adjust the brightness or my exposure when I get home if the image was a little light or dark, but I’ll never alter or modify a picture!

I want it to be close to a real and natural state as possible with a photograph. When you see your imperfections I see beauty and art, believe me, no one will care about your big stomach, arms, legs or your wrinkles when you are holding your newborn baby. People like to see people, they like to see real women!

When you come to me and start your email inquiry with “ I love your pictures…” I’ll assume that you love raw and authentic photography. Sometimes documenting your family or your journey may result in some out-of-focus or blurred memories, the running toddler or the think-quick parent, that is what you are and to capture that we don’t need photoshop or stage pics! We are raising our children to grow up and love themselves, to accept who they are...why can't we do the same thing? It took me 35 years to accept myself , my face and my body, I'm not a model ( and don't want to be) but I learned to accept myself.

Next time you come for a photoshoot just be you and above all Love yourself!