Client Guide 2024

Hello! I’m so excited that we get to work together!

I can’t wait to create some beautiful images for you and your family. 

To break things down and make it super simple for you to understand the process, I’ve dived in and answered all of the most frequently asked questions that come up before a session. 

I want you to feel calm, prepared and ready to make the most of our time together so I can create some beautiful timeless images of you and your loves!

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Where should I have my session?


Beachside | Rainforest | Water | In-home | At Holiday Accomodation | Anywhere!

at home family session

What to wear to your session

One of the main questions you might have now you’re booked in for a session is “what on earth do we wear?”. I want you to feel beautiful and relaxed in your images and I want them to reflect you and what you feel amazing in. Here are some key pointers when it comes to choosing what to wear ~

The biggest tip is to find something you feel beautiful in because if you’re uncomfortable or self-conscious in your outfit, it will show in your images. Start with one piece that you love, your dress or another outfit for example which may be plain or patterned and then use this to colour coordinate the clothes for the rest of your family.

outfits colours


Steer clear of large brand names on your clothing, the ‘jeans & white shirt’ combo for the whole family, or dressing everyone in black or all dark colours. Try to mix up the colour palette.

These photographs are going to be images that are treasured for generations to come so take time to find something that you love and that captures your personal style. 


I often suggest muted and neutral tones in a range of shades or some soft patterns. Often the environments we shoot in (such as the beach/bushlands / or at home) can have lots of colours and wearing bright colours can clash and also cast that colour onto other family members in a session. Browns, beige, dusty pinks, rust ( orange-brown) or earthy greens, creams or white clothing all look great.

To add a bit of variety, choose one patterned piece, such as a long flowy dress for yourself and then pull out some similar colours from that pattern and dress family members in those colour shades.

color pallete

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