Hey friends, happy new year! 

The first blog of 2023 and I come with the news!!! 

Your Doula village is officially an Instagram account and a Facebook group…wow I couldn’t be happier! 

I’m slowly trying to separate my Doula and photography posts on social media, something that I wanted to do for a while now but I never found the time.

Your Doula village is going to be a space where I share tips to navigate pregnancy, birth, and postpartum, everything evidence-based to help you make informed decisions. I’ll also be sharing a little bit of my work as a doula on-call and my approach to the Doula world, it’s important to know that there is no right or wrong way to be a doula…as long you complete the basic course you can choose what you want to offer to your clients, for example, I like to offer what I normally practice in my day to day, Hypnobirthing, aromatherapy, Crystals, and energy cleansing ( among other little things), that’ll be totally up to you and your skills! 

This year I’ll be focusing more on my work as a doula and birth photography, my true love and passion! I’ll still be offering my normal photography packages but would not be my main focus as I want to reconnect with my true self. 

You can read a little bit more about what I do and what I offer on my Doula services page (website) also please feel free to follow @your_doulavillage on Instagram and if you’re a Doula that finished your course and looking for guidance and support I still have a few spots left on my Doula mentorship program, contact me for more details. 

For now, I say goodbye with the certainty that this year will be full of new souls arriving and moments that will forever alter my brain chemistry. See you soon little ones!