Because is fun!!

Ok seriously, I love model calls…they are fun, and easygoing and helps me develop my creativity. It’s a great way to meet new clients/ friends like my dear friend Laura who I meet during a pregnancy model call. We connected so well that I end up being her birth doula and after that, we became good friends! 

Model calls are not only a free shoot, it’s more than that ( at least for me) like I said before, it helps me develop my creativity but not only that. I can experiment with new things…lighting, wardrobe, etc, and I also can use the pictures for competitions and awards. 

Ok, but now you ask what the model takes home in return!? Great question and I would love to answer :) 

In return for their time, I will offer 2 or 3 digital pics ( depending on the type of session) that they can choose from an online gallery, they also have the option to buy individual pics if they want but is not required! One of the things that I normally ask is a Waver for me to be able to use the pics and I also give them a time frame to choose the pics.

Time frame??? Yes, it’s important for me that all my model calls choose the pics as soon as possible, let me explain why. 

When I put a model call out that means I need to create something, for competitions or social media…I will edit those pics faster than normal ( because I need to use them as soon as possible) but I’ll only do that when the client chooses the 2 or 3 free pics, one of the reasons is that I don’t want to share something before the client sees it, meaning that if the client takes longer to choose I cannot share them or submit them and that’s a bummer!

Now, can model calls give me an income? Absolutely!!! Like I said the client always has the option to buy individual pics if they wish, is not required but I’ll say that 95% of my model calls always buy extra pics, and that means income coming in! 

Is my model calls work at the same level as my paying clients? Yes, 100%, and I even dare to say that sometimes is better ( hahaha ) just the fact that is no pressure and no expectations is amazing! I’m free creatively speaking and even if the session doesn’t go well I don’t stress soo much, after all, everyone has bad days. 

Now that you know a little bit about how my model calls work, next time I put a call out just message me and we can do some magic together! ;)